Alumnae Events


Events are consistently held throughout the year to keep alumnae connected to their alma mater. From wine tastings to concerts to “back-to-school” nights, there are a wide variety of activities to choose from to keep you coming home to Marymount.


more Athletics

Through a diverse sports program, the Athletics Department at Marymount fosters teamwork, discipline, agility, and sportsmanship. Athletics contribute to our students’ total growth, which allows them to succeed both on and off the field.

Campus Ministry

more Campus Ministry/Community Service

Central to the Marymount mission is the development of each student’s spiritual identity, rooted in social justice and ethical decision-making. Campus Ministry is a popular club that runs the Retreat Team, Service Programs, and the Liturgy Committee.


more CAMBIAS/Diversity

Though small in size, Marymount’s community reflects the diversity of New York City. Marymount encourages students to be global citizens who challenge discrimination, improve cultural awareness, and strive to create unity through diversity.


more Drama

Through a study of the dramatic arts, Marymount students learn how to express themselves, collaborate as an ensemble, and create show-stopping performances that wow audiences several times a year.


more Music at Marymount

Music at Marymount provides an outlet for creative expression, and teaches technical skills such as music notation and sight-reading. The Marymount Singers and Chamber Choir perform at all-school liturgies, receptions, and bi-annual concerts.


more Publications

Student publications help refine a wide range of skills, from writing to editing to photography to technical proficiency in software like InDesign and Photoshop. The Joritan is Marymount’s monthly newspaper, The Muse is the annual literary magazine, and the yearbook is the Marifia.

Student Travel

more Study Tours

In order to mold students into global citizens and cultivate the understanding of different cultures, Marymount encourages students to participate in various Study Tours each year.

Visual Arts

more Arts & Culture

Students discover a greater understanding of self and creativity through Marymount’s Arts and Culture programs. Just steps away, the Metropolitan Museum of Art serves as an extended classroom for students and a source of inspiration for all.